5 Tips for Helping Your Animation Video Go Viral

For budding animators, designers, or product designers, there’s no better way to showcase your work than by creating a viral video. Some people think that viral videos are created by luck or by the random whims of online audiences. Yet there’s actually a few ways to help tip the scales in favour of your video going viral.

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The type of content you create and the emotion that it evokes in the viewer will help determine whether or not it stands a higher chance of being shared with the world. When you’re using animation software to create a high quality video, you’ll want to keep the following factors in mind:

1. Spark Emotion

Whether it’s delight, disgust, or surprise; you want to evoke some sort of emotion in your viewer that will cause them to remember your animation and want to share it with their friends. It’s a good idea to think about the type of audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re trying to appeal to teenage boys, gross-out humour could be just the ticket. On the other hand, if you’re trying to appeal to older couples, you might rely on nostalgia or a sweet sense of happiness. Creating a sad or relaxing video will probably lessen your chances of going viral. You want to keep it upbeat and uplifting in a surprising way for best results.

2. Get to the Point 

If you’re trying to sell a product or share a piece of information, make this obvious to the viewer. If you’ve created the video to showcase a new piece of automotive design, then focus on the new feature and point out how it will benefit the viewer. Online viewers will have very little patience and short attention spans, so you don’t have too much time to accomplish this.

3. Use Humour

Positive, upbeat, and funny videos tend to do better in the world of viral marketing. Marketing studies show that people are far more likely to share positive content than negative, and they share cute animals or funny videos more than any other type. Keep the story light-hearted, visually appealing, and give it a surprising punch line.

4. Capture Attention Immediately

Today’s 3D modelling and simulation software has the benefit of including a variety of interesting visual effects and features. Don’t be afraid to create something new and different than the traditional 2-dimensional drawings when you are working on your animation. You want to make your video look different, so that the viewer’s interest is captured immediately and they want to keep watching to learn more.

5. Market your Video 

Now that you’ve created a visually arresting, hilarious, and positive video, you can start the process of sharing it with the world. Market your video on every channel that you have available. You can share it across your social media platforms, and encourage others to do so as well. Submit your video to popular bloggers and ask them to share it if they feel it is appropriate with their readership. If you have your own blog, post it and then draw attention to your post via social media. Before anyone else can share your video, they have to know that it exists.

With today’s easy to use animation software and the social networking capabilities of the internet, you can share your new product design or information with a wider audience than ever before.

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