5 ways Chess is like Blogging

Many people relate Blogging to a lot of things. I think Blogging has some similarities with the game of Chess. So I decided to compare both of them. Here are 5 ways by which Chess is like Blogging:


In chess, you need to think in order to win. If you do not have a strategy, how do you ever expect to reach the end goal? Both in Blogging and Chess, you need to think and plan well ahead while keeping an open mind that can adjust wherever its necessary. A road map is always necessary so that you can move in the right direction.

Win and Become the Champion

The most important thing in Chess is to win and to become the champion. There is no such concept of winning or losing in blogging. However every blogger wants to be well known among other bloggers. He wants to have good number of visitors, followers, etc.

Many potential paths to take, but no hard and fast rules

Why do I love chess and Blogging equally? They are both so creative and have nearly endless directions that can be taken to achieve success. You can take any path you like. There are no hard and fast rules.

Make no mistakes

Making a mistake can be dangerous in both chess and blogging. In chess, a bad move can help your opponent to take the game in his control and thus you may lose the game. In blogging, a mistake can create a bad impression of your blog.

Learn from others

The best way to get better at chess is to play against a better player. You will never elevate your skill set if you decide to consistently play against people who are less skilled than you. Likewise, in Blogging, you need to be surrounded with a creative and forward-thinking people that motivates each other to the next level. Learning on your own is necessary, but working with people at the next level is how you seriously advance your skills.

What are your views? Please feel free to share them.

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The Discussion

  1. We must also prevent hackers from check mating us 🙂

  2. Great analogy and article, I love both chess and blogging!

  3. Asmita says:

    Chess is like Blogging! Interesting article, I enjoyed reading it. All the best for the contest.

  4. Great analogy between chess and blogging. Best of luck for the contest.

  5. Wow, good comparison between chess and bloggers, thanks for sharing i like it.

  6. Blogging is all about learning and teaching. Blogging make people to learn from and add your skills to present it in better way.

  7. I have never think of comparing blogging with Chess. But you compared it well 🙂

  8. I like the last point the most. In chess You get better by playing with better players which is very true with blogging and every other things we do. Learning from the best is the way to be better than the best.

  9. Haha 😀 Nice Comparision Buddy 🙂

    And Your Post Is Cool 🙂
    Thanks For Sharing

  10. Great job. I liked the way you presented this article. Goodluck! I hope you win and never checkmate your opponent as blogging should be a win win to all.

  11. Thanks for the creative and interesting post! With respect to point #1 (Strategy) — I think another point is to beware of defining your strategy too specifically at the outset. In a dynamic, changing environment (chess and blogging), over-focus on a specific action plan can limit innovative play and blogs. You do note this ‘keep an open mind’; I’m just underlining it. Jon

  12. Comparing blogging and chess is some what interesting article to read, at last point you listed that learn from others is a nice one, I agree with this….

  13. Nice comparison you have here! Chess & blogging both involve strategy and with practice you become better! All the best for the contest! 🙂

  14. If you have a small niche( a pawn) that you love writing about and it gets a lot of interest and gets famous( reaches the end), make a separate blog/section for that( a new flag). I started a regular blog and my fitness topic got a lot of comments and traffic, now I’ve made my own fitness blog and it’s very successful.

  15. Nice one, Sandipan, I think this quite good and innovative post. You have shared great ideas here. You are right that both of them requires practice and we learn from mistakes.

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