Top 5 Must Have Android Apps in your Smartphone

Saying that the most popular OS in the world has made our lives easier is an understatement. With the hundreds of apps that Android supports, every Android tablet and Smartphone user can vouch for the fact that one can absolutely cannot function without these installed in their devices. There are other popular OS like Windows, iOS, BlackBerry OS too, but the amount of apps available in the universe of Android is unmatched. Listed below are the top 5 Android apps that one needs to install right away to stay connected, stay productive:

android apps

  • Freecharge

Everyone has at one point in their lives cribbed about the hassle of going to the utility centre to pay bills. Be it electricity, DTH services, mobile bills etc. everyone would rather sit in the comfort of their home to do it. Here comes the very useful app named Freecharge that allows one to pay their bills online. Furthermore, using freecharge discount couponthe user can also save some money on their bills.

  • Evernote

Everyone needs to take notes. Be it a grocery list, guest list for a party, or essential pointers during a meeting, taking notes is necessary. However, one needn’t take hold of a paper and notepad anymore as the Android app named Evernote is all that you need at your fingertips. The user can save the notes, share them with others, even make voice notes without worrying about misplacing or losing them somewhere. It also allows syncing of multiple devices to the same app for easy access.

  • WhatsApp

In this age and space where nobody has the time to stop and indulge in friendly banter, WhatsApp comes to the rescue…and better yet, for free. WhatsApp is one of the most popular free messaging apps in the world, with its availability on all platforms making it ubiquitous. The app has also recently launched the additional service of allowing free calls over the internet using the app. One can share images, videos, contacts, locations etc. using WhatsApp. The user friendly interface makes it appealing to every age group.

  • Drupe

This is quite a useful app when one needs to view the multiple ways in which a particular contact can be communicated with. With this app, the contact’s name appears on the left while the various options by which they can be contacted appear on the right. The user doesn’t require launching a particular app to make a call/text anymore.

  • Google Earth

Ah, every travel loving soul’s favorite app. Google earth is a wonderful app for those who like to travel without leaving the comfort of their couch! The app has images sent by multiple users of places that other users can view and enjoy. It also shows different hiking trails and allows the user to track a flight.

Although not a definitive list, these 5 Android apps are certainly very important for every user as they allow them to stay connected with their loved ones, be more productive and save time and efforts, and also indulge a bit in their hobbies!

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