ASKME Android APP: Looks Quite Promising

AskMe, the name justifies pretty well with its action. The best part is that it’s not something like a time pass, or yet another social media thing. It’s something useful that keeps some value for all in day to day life.

ask me app imageAll in one:

However, the android users are the fortunate people for the app. In general, apps do the same thing that you perform with a particular site. With ASKME you do the same thing, but the unique part is that it does the work of many websites. Especially, we like the stuff as it has some relevant functionality. That’s the reason it looks like a long race horse.

On a whole, this can be said as an all in one business app. No matter whether it is the business navigations, selling, purchasing; all can be done through it. You bought a product, and it worked in a fantastic way for yo. Now you want to exhibit the whole world about how smartly you can drag the best out of your money. The app lets you put your overwhelming reviews here.

Business Friendly:

In addition, if you want to invest some bucks at a particular thing, you can have the review for the particular as well. For the business men, this is like a very good friend. You can collect the useful information by others having experience on it.

Sleek User Experience:

No matter how intelligent an application is, or how rich it is in terms of features if the users feel hectic while getting involved, then the relationship can never last for a long while. That’s the zone where the interface is tested. On this context, ASK ME does a very good job. It is extremely sleek on this matter. The white surface is nicely blended with useful applications. It’s always great o see that despite being feature rich it has become able in navigating things really well.

Technically Enhanced:

ASME is technology savvy. The GPS implemented does a fine job with search related works. It works both ways, you can add your location of interest, or you can spot the one you are looking for. You just need to be having a GeIt database. The best part of the feature is that you can find the option to bring the dealer straight, no need to follow the baffling contact through other platforms.


In terms of social, it involves many user created stuff. As we have mentioned you can add your review, put the dealer information through mails, or social media platforms, search for options, and share interesting related stuff.

The business process is pretty cool as well. You are just a click away from selling or purchasing. To be honest the selling or purchasing is pretty much similar and smooth as of the other big names.


It is here to mention that this is especially for the mobiles. There is nothing to do with the internet here like other selling sites. However, the smart searching technologies make it efficient enough in the area of its functionalities. The browsing experience is incredible.

Comparison with Others:

This is not the only stuff for business people; there are many others. However, the incorporation of shopping option with app makes it even more useful.


The app has already gathered its fan groups. The fact that they have achieved already above 1 lakh download makes it apparent regarding the success of the product.

Developed By:

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It has been developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd. Interested people can have it through Google Playstore.

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