6 Reasons I choose Bluehost for my hosting

Having been in the industry close to two decades, Bluehost can brag about being the most experienced hosting provider globally. With its rapid growth, Bluehost hosting services cut across all business models, from the super sites to the small and middle sized websites. Below are some six reasons why you should choose Blue host for your hosting.

Why-Bluehost-is-the-Best-Hosting-Provider-For-Your-Small-Business-Website-600x400Reasonable package pricing

Having easily understandable and uncomplicated pricing of their package plans, BlueHost hosting has no hidden costs. Unlike other companies that tend to trick users to subscribe to basic packages that later become costly the next year, Bluehost hosting plans are  clear-cut on its prices. They official offer coupon and can be found on Bluehost Discount page the packages come accompanied with the outlined features at no extra charge.

Easy to Use

Not all hosted users are computer scientists. Bluehost provides tools such as site builder for those who don’t have the knowhow on website designing. With the site builder, users can choose from a number of templates to fill in their content and within no time, they will have their websites up and running. It has been proven that the site is usually ready in approximately 2 hours as long as the content is provided.

Enabling Your Site Make Money

Bluehost provides the best available e-commerce tools to enable turn your site to a money minting machine. In addition, to make the site secure Bluehost includes the SSL secure server with highly developed encryption and directories with password protection. With the shopping carts, you can choose from the very many provided, some include; Cube cart, Zen cart etc.

WordPress friendly

CMS based sites such as WordPress need Bluehost hosting. Being most commonly used web platform globally, WordPress is a must have for any blogger. Bluehost uses a script installer known as Simple Scripts that enables users install not only WordPress but many other scripts in an instant. With the ‘Click Installation for WordPress’ feature, Word press installation on Bluehost is hustle free.

Free MySQL and PHP Support

MySQL and PHP support is all important as they work hand in hand. With PHP  scripting needed to run the most dynamic sites which includes, shopping carts, forums and social sites, MySQL is responsible for storing data processed by PHP scripts. Today’s websites rely on such technology to enable users to signup and login to their accounts. To make this work seamlessly, Bluehost supports these technologies for free.

Customer Support

BlueHost customer query response time is commendable. With its highly skilled staff ready to assist through phone calls, live chat, email and trouble tickets, users are assured of their problems getting solved. At Bluehost, they go a step further to suggest to users on new of improvement that can be done to enable their website run smoothly without hitches.


Bluehost provides very competitive and quality hosting services in the industry. If you are a new user researching looking for a web host, then reasons explained on this article should help you decide on Bluehost hosting. With its wide selection of features, it really doesn’t matter if it is small as a blog or a giant commercial site, Bluehost will meet your desired aspirations. Clear you all Bluehost or other hosting doubts at HostingDecisions.com. For me, so far so good.

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