Call Management tool helps in Business Growth

Calls in business are very important. A customer, who might be calling your business number for the first time is going to have a first impression of your business on how you treat them. So if you really want to be an entrepreneur and shine in your business then you have to emphasize on using call management tools. They will make call handling a better experience, and also give your business a better impression. Who won’t want that?

And integration of good call management tools in your business can clearly make your business grow and makes it convenient for the customers who call you. If they get what information they look for at the first attempt they call, they will be pleased and that’s the impression you would want for your business.

VoIP Phones – How they Work

All these functions could be integrated with VoIP phones as well. But have you ever wondered how the VoIP technology works? It’s not complicated; the voice is being transmitted over the internet – as simple as that. You can avail VoIP in two methods – by using IP telephones and by using software like Skype.

laptop computer The call management tools you should have in your business are – auto attendant, voice recording, reception desk solutions and queue manager. Auto attendant to handle your call when you can’t, voice recording so that you can hear what message you have, reception desk solutions to greet your customers over the phone and queue manager to place your calls on hold when you are busy with other calls.

0844 Numbers

The 0844 prefix numbers are specifically business numbers and you can subscribe to one for your business.

The advantage of statistics

There are many advantages of statistics in call centers. These stats let you keep records of what happens in the call centers and what is happening in your calls. The track is kept for a specific time period of a day. Say you want to know about how well your business is going; just get the statistics sheet and you will get all your details. These stats can include Average Handle Time (AHT) and Average Call Handling Time (ACHT); Longest Waiting Time (LWT), Average Waiting Time (AWT) and etc. stuff.

And each and every piece of this information could be put together for your business convenience.


Call management tools and statistics are not ‘must have’ things but they can greatly increase your convenience.

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