Common Blogging Mistakes a Blogger must avoid

Bogging is probably the easiest and one of the most common activities online. Everyone, from students to celebrities are sharing loads of information for others to read and share. Even big companies utilize this increasingly popular web platform for marketing and advertising their own products. Remember, like everything else on web, blogging too has its share of rules and guidelines, which if followed, can do wonders for your blogs. There are numerous tips to be a successful blogger but it is easier to mention the worst blogging mistakes, which you must avoid at any cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the common blogging mistakes which can prove disastrous for you:-


Title is the most important part of a blog. It shows what the blog is all about. Whether you are a technical writer, or just write for fun, your title must always complement your article. It must give the readers an idea of what your write-up is all about! A misleading title or a wrong title can not only irritate the audience, but also term your blog as a trash.

Wrong Information

Nothing can be more bad for your blog than wrong information. Users will not only make it a point not to visit your blog ever again but also mark it as nonsense. Make it a point to validate and crosscheck every bit of information before you put it online.

Lack of unique Content

With so many bloggers running in the race, what are your chances to be a popular one? Well, it is not only enough to attract visitors to your site and get them added to your followers list. The main challenge is to retain and keep them interested in you (that is your blog). And, the only way to do so is by keeping your content unique. Nobody wants to read the same article published on web over and over again, in different styles.

Lack of Marketing

When the entire industry moves on marketing, why not be a part of it! Learn to market yourself, your skills and your blogs to the readers. Decide on your target audience and spread the word among them.

Not implementing ‘Share’ and subscription

Spread the word as much as you can. Implement share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Digg, Delicious, and a lot more. Also provide an option for your readers to subscribe to your blog through email. Let users do the marketing for you.

Being Impatient

What do you think, it very easy to be a popular blogger? No, actually it is not. It takes a long time for a blog to attract large number of visitors and be popular with its target audience. So, all you need to be a popular blogger is patience. Being impatient or inconsistent is not going to work for you.

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The Discussion

  1. Being impatient would kill the building start-up of any blogger. Thinking well and focusing on building relationship would help to be successful. Ofcourse you can add up there the passion, and hardwork.

  2. Hey Sandipan, these are really common mistakes, you have totally nailed them! I guess those beginners out there who have seen this list are afraid to comment here, haha!
    Lack of Marketing+Being Impatient=Fail
    That’s what I reckon.

    Oh and you have a very meaningful domain name, love it! Mind me asking what theme are you using?

  3. Excellent post buddy, these are some of the mistakes a lot of newbie bloggers make. Being impatient is the biggest mistake in blogging. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, unfortunately many people quit blogging after a few months seeing no results. But we need to be patient and work hard for success.

  4. I believe the first mistake of a newbie blogger is the rush of getting money. In this way you will see people with 2-3 articles written on their knees and a blog full of advertisements. Personally if i find something like this for sure i will not coming back.

    • Ya, its true. Most of the people start a blog, just because they want to make some money. However these people do not survive in the long run. Thanks for adding this point.

  5. Impatience is the biggest problem faced by many blogger who are new to blogging. In most cases they have seeing the success of others and thing they can emulate it quickly but they don’t see the hard work put in by those bloggers.

  6. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  7. Very good tips, specially the last one. I have been blogging seriously for a few months, I hope I can develop more patience. BTW there are 2 problems I found on your website if you don’t mind me sharing:

    1. The pages were loading very slow. Maybe you are hosted by a slow server? I am located in USA so maybe this is a problem for other USA visitors to your website as well.

    2. I use Blogger for my blogging. Is there a way I can follow your blog using my Blogger/Google account?

    • You can follow my blog using the Follow by email option. You have to use your google account to subscribe to the emails.

      The pages are loading slowing because of the theme I am using. I will change it so that the visitors don’t face any problem.

      Thanks for the comment and keep visiting Crystal Articles.

  8. I truly agree with all the points you shared, Sandipan.
    great and innovative ideas.

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