DealGuru-The Profitable Shopping Platform

For many of us, who are avid online shoppers, the online shopping site called AskMeBazaar needs no introduction. This noted site has ushered a new era of online shopping by bringing for us the profitable shopping platform called DealGuru. This particular site has so much to offer to Indians who have a passion for shopping-right from Indian brands of clothing, both western and ethnic, to accessories, mobiles and electronic gadgets. Plus, the fact that DealGuru has its name attached to AskMeBazaar and all the trendy stuff offered here comes at amazing discount, make this website an ideal platform to shop. It never gets better than this, does it?


DealGuru-Giving Online Shopping a Fresh Perspective

DealGuru is the fresh new way to buy and sell goods, making it a perfect platform for the sellers who want to get rid of such goods which no longer have market demand, and for buyers too, who can buy goods of their choice at a price lower than the market price. This is what makes DealGuru by AskMeBazaar different from the rest of the online shopping portals, as we really do care about the needs of the buyers and sellers at the same time. Being launched by the trusted website AskMeBazaar adds an extra bit of reliability and trust to this site called DealGuru!

DealGuru-The Working Procedure

DealGuru is the innovative way to buy and sell stuff, which has become excess inventory for the seller, while the interested buyer is no longer able to procure it from the market. This is hoe DealGuru takes things in its hands and strikes a great deal for both the seller and the buyer:


First of all, AskMeBazaar taps the market to look for prospective sellers, who are left with some unsold stock, which has now become redundant and lacks demand in the market. After being approached by seller from all over India, AskMeBazaar test the samples for product quality and assigns discounted price tags to the same on the basis of quality. Once the seller finds the new price tag to his satisfaction and confirms the same, AskMeBazaar puts up the deal on DealGuru, along with product description and images.

The interested buyers have a look at the goods displayed on DealGuru and place purchase orders for the stuff they like. DealGuru looks after the delivery of the good to the buyer in a stipulated time period.


A confirmation call about the delivery from the buyer by AskMeBazaar is followed by the remittance of the selling price to the seller by the website.

In case the buyer wants to return the good, he can get in touch with AskMeBazaar for the same.

Versatility of DealGuru

DealGuru has the benefit of versatility attached to it, both from the point of view of the seller and the buyer. Amazingly, this website has more than 1000 live deals and nearly 900 clients who rely on it. Another plus point is that anyone can join this site to sell goods as it charges a minimal amount as its commission and other charges. For buyers, DealGuru showcases all the top brands in the country at a single platform along with an opportunity to save their money with discount offers. The transparency of the whole procedure makes DealGuru even more reliable and trustworthy.

So what are you waiting for, visit DealGuru right now!!!

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