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Research conducted by the business advisory service, RSM Tenon, suggests that around 80% of small business owners are still unaware of the government’s ‘Green Deal’. This is a scheme designed to help business owners employ more green technologies in their workplaces, reducing their carbon footprints and, in addition, saving them from unnecessary expenditure.

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Any initial costs are paid back to the service provider through their energy bill over a period of time, meaning that the costs of technologies that might otherwise appear unaffordable are buffered. This deal is something worth looking at for all operators, as it could be the future of business in the UK.

How the Green Deal works

When you’re setting up a business, there are a number of factors that often go overlooked. Too often, we’re concerned with attaining short-term goals when we should be assuming a long-term perspective that will save money over a period of time. Technologies, such as green insulation, heating, draught proofing and double-glazing might not be at the top of your list to begin with. But as the colder months usher in higher bills, as you heat your office and keep your staff warm, you could gain a whole new perspective on the concept of a ‘green office’.

In order to qualify for the Green Deal, you first need to have your premises assessed by a recognised Green Deal assessor. They will be able to tell you how you can improve the efficiency of your power consumption and heating and advise you on the best steps to take. Once the assessment is complete, you can compare and contrast the quotes from a number of Green Deal service providers and chose the provider that offers you the best deal, at the best price.

Powering up

However, it’s not just about heating bills. Electricity is one of the main sources of expenditure for any business, whether it’s established or just starting out. The simple addition of solar panels to your roof space or the installation of appropriately sized wind turbines can help reduce the costs of power consumption throughout the year. Again, these can be obtained through the Green Deal scheme.

Making time

On top of saving money and improving the efficiency with which you consume power, the other commodity that has most value to any small business owner is time. Possibly the most time-consuming aspect of business is accounting. It requires manpower, office amenities and, if you mismanage your accounts, can even interrupt the operation of your company. The greenest, most time-consuming and cost-effective solution to this hurdle is to invest in payment software. Intuit Pay offer a comprehensive series of accountancy packages that offer you a 24-hour, online accountant, without incurring any of the extra costs associated with a traditional one. In addition, you don’t need to have any accountancy experience to operate them, meaning that you can take the reins until you’re in a position to delegate. And as far as being ecologically sound, if you’re using green technology to power your software, the only footprint your accountant will leave will be a virtual one!

Time and money are the two key factors to starting and maintaining your business. Complying with green regulations needn’t be a headache and, if you approach it sensibly, they can improve your company’s efficiency in both monetary and physical terms.

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