Breaking down the Home Loan Guide For First Time Home Loan Buyers is a real estate portal that not only allows end users to search for homes online effectively but also helps the end users purchase them. It has created a home loan section which allows buyers to find and compare different bank home loan interest rate with Those who do not know or understand home loans can benefit from a comprehensive home loan guide that has been designed to do so. This home loan guide has been created by experts and highlights the most pragmatic aspects of home loan acquisition. You can check your estimated loan using loan calculator here

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The Guide to the Home Loan Guide

When an end user clicks the ‘Home Loans’ option on the portal, the home loan guide becomes accessible. This guide has been divided into numerous sections and chapters. Each of these ‘chapters’ can be accessed by clicking on their names in the panel on the left hand side of the home loan guide screen. The three major sections deal with the basics of home loans, taking a home loan and what needs to be done after taking a home loan. The first section introduces an end user to the basic terminologies used in assessment of home loans and explains them with clarity. There is also a section dedicated to CIBIL scores as being an important aspect of home loan application. The other sections help one prepare for home loans and service them with efficiency.

The home loan guide has been created bearing in mind that all end users do not understand technical financial information. Therefore the guide has been written in simple English language with ample examples to help the readers understand. It is advised that people should go through all the sections to be able to prepare for taking home loans well in advance.

How does the Home Loan Guide Help?

After reading the home loan guide, an end user can proceed to check home loan eligibility online.Armed with the knowledge, the use of the home loan eligibility calculator makes a lot more sense. The end user now understands that the results offered by the calculator are approximate and may differ from bank to bank which would eventually consider the home loan application. The results show the repayment period, down payment amount and the EMI range.

The same page also offers numerous plans from different lenders which meet the requirements of an applicant as highlighted by the result of the eligibility calculator. These plans highlight the interest rates and the processing fee along with other details. The learning drawn from the home loan guide helps weigh one plan against the other. An end user therefore can browse through numerous options and then choose a plan that suits the best. There is the option to apply for home loans from a button that is exhibited alongside.

Once the application has been sent, the end user can track its progress by logging into the portal and accessing the same section. It is this feature and many others which make it one stop destination for real estate in India.

In Conclusion

The home loan section of comprises of plans from some of the biggest lenders in the country. has tied up with these firms who specially offer their plans for the buyers of property who are looking for loans from this portal.

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