Steps to Use High Definition Video Recorder Software

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a highly advanced software that facilitates the users to capture HD video. These days screen capturing is done by many users for several purposes such as capturing the interesting webcasts, or video chats, or recording a number of educational videos that can be later used for classroom, or software presentation.


But the major question arises as to what is the process of recording computer screen in HD format? Using the advance Movavi Screen Capture Studio has made HD video recording fairly simpler. Owing to its advance features and user-friendliness, videos are easy to be recorded in HD format and saved in any appropriate high resolution format one finds suitable. It also facilitates the users to edit recordings, along with creating professional-like video screencasts and tutorials, which can later be burned to DVD.

Movavi HD Screen Recorder is a real boon for those who wish to capture HD video for anytime viewing. Just go ahead and try downloading this software to capture screen in HD!

Stage 1: The first step involves installing Screen Capture Studio to carry on with HD Video Recording. Go ahead and open the file. Make a simple click to install the program as directed in the Installation Wizard. The entire task will take just a few seconds to be completed.

Stage 2: Choose Your Recording Parameters – Once you have the software in place, start recording video in HD format by opening the ‘Select Capture Area’ list along with required preset size. In case you wish to record HD video in full screen, make a selection of monitor’s name as appearing in the Full Screen section.


The process require to go to Capture, then Preferences and Video, post which you can later set in the correct frame rate by accessing the corresponding field. In order to record HD video, choose fastest speed which is 60 frames per second. Always consider that such a selection will result in large output file, so before opt for this, make sure that have enough free space on the hard drive.

Stage 3: Begin Recording the Screen – Click the REC button to access and start recording the video on your desktop computer screen. As soon as the process of capturing ends, evoke the HD capturing software from the system tray and choose ‘Stop’.

Stage 4: Save the Captured Video in HD Format –Last step involves saving the captured result in your desired format. This can be done by opening the preview window, post which you need to select access the Save as list. Once done, select the Video and Audio Formats, under which the list will display multiple formats, and go to HD Video. The selection of formats is available in a plethora of options that vary from WMV, MP4, MKV, MP5 and so on. This facility enables you to save the file in any format which will be compatible with any of recording device be it mobile or computer.


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