What should you know about VPS and HostGator VPS Review

Choosing a web hosting service and creating a website/blog has become quite easy, when compared to old days. It is also worth noting that awesome companies, such as HostGator, simplify the mentioned process by providing superb services at affordable price. Actually, for most of such newbies, shared web hosting is the absolute substitute of Web Hosting, and they go and purchase this cheapest form of web hosting without any doubts. Not surprisingly, there are no problems in assuming so, because a good shared hosting such as HostGator would be able to provide superb-and-effective service. Nevertheless, once your site has crossed the limit of resource requirement, and starts lagging in the current server due to traffic overload or heavy processes, it is the time to move to the next level of web hosting – VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting

Resembling the case of shared hosting, HostGator Inc provides a superb VPS Hosting services as well, and its rates are quite affordable too. In this article, we will be reviewing the VPS Hosting service of HostGator, which would hopefully help you understand whether HostGator is the best choice for you as far as the requirement of site/blog is concerned. Nevertheless, assuming that most of newbies are not aware about VPS Hosting, we shall give you a brief introduction about VPS Hosting as well as how is it different from shared web hosting.

What is VPS Web Hosting?

As some of you might already know, VPS Hosting is the acronym of Virtual Private Server Hosting. Just as its full form implies, VPS is your own server that is available in the virtual form. Rather than buying a complete physical server, it will let you have your own server in the virtual sense. Despite you cannot see your own server; you can host the site, and enjoy other kinds of services as if you have bought a brand new server. Hence, you can manage the VPS as if you are managing an actual server. There are many differences between VPS Hosting and shared hosting; notable ones of such features are as follows.

Foremost difference between Virtual Private Server and shared server is that in the first your resources are available only for you, whereas on the latter resources would be shared with multiple users. This fact can cause many issues within the blog/site. For instance, since all these websites have one IP address, chances are high that search engines like Google may penalize your website if any site of the network contains offensive content. Thus, when you host the site/blog in a VPS, the site will be completely yours and you can all the resources without any restrictions. Along with these, shift towards VPS Hosting will provide you some other features as well.

Now, as we have discussed earlier, we will have a review of HostGator VPS Hosting Services. We hope the review will help you understand whether you should choose HostGator when you want to purchase a VPS Service for existing or upcoming site/blog of yours.

HostGator VPS Service & Review

HostGator Inc, being one of the reputed brands in the web hosting industry, has done well in VPS Hosting also. As far as the users’ perspective is concerned, HostGator VPS Hosting seems to be an undisputed solution for those who are looking for seamless hosting services. When compared to other VPS services, with an exception for those cheap VPS hosting services, price of HostGator VPS Service is something pretty low, and you can depend on it for your site/blog. Now, we shall check other aspects of HostGator VPS Service


We hope, the foremost reason for the shift towards HostGator VPS would be to gain enhanced performance for the site or blog. In that perspective, however, purchasing HostGator VPS service is a sense-making deal, as performance of HostGator Virtual Private Servers is something cool according to user reviews. Also, the speed of websites hosted on HostGator VPS is reportedly impressive and value for the money.

Top Features

There are several features that attracted us towards HostGator VPS. Among those, the one, which stands in pivotal position, is usability of the server. Despite the awesome performance and capabilities, you will be able to mange VPS as if you are managing a shared hosting server. This means that even a mediocre experienced blogger or internet-marketing professional would be able to handle the VPS quite firmly and without much messing up. Also, it provides two IP address with the VPS, which is a great deal, indeed. In addition to the superb User Interface, HostGator also provides a bunch of useful supportive features such as QuickInstall scripts, site-builder etc. All these features are very productive and save a lot of time.


Just like the case of other services from HostGator, VPS Hosting also bears the power of superb customer support of the firm through different methods. You can choose the convenient option from the list that includes live chat, email ticket system, social networking-based support etc.

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Not surprisingly, HostGator VPS Hosting would be able to become the superb choice of yours in the first use itself. Its reason is quite simple that the service has many features that make sense.

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