How to make a good website in one easy lesson

In one easy lesson I can teach you how to create a dynamic website, one which is highly visible in search engines, attracts visitors and engages them upon arrival and, more importantly sells your products and services. It is a lesson I learned late on and one which cost me a fortune in lost sales over time, due to low visibility of the website, lack of targeted visitors arriving and disinterest of the site when visitors did arrive.


What is the lesson I learned?

First things first; my website now generates traffic which has a conversion rate of about sixty percent. It has been as a result of persistent research and hard work in achieving this level of conversions, and will no doubt require continued research to maintain or improve on those figures.

The use of continuous metrics research means that the website automatically targets visitors who have left without making a sale. This can be by way of special offers such as free delivery or an introductory discount on first purchase, and can be communicated by way of email, text message or Google Adwords promotions. Another method of converting a visitor to paying customer is to offer them free delivery. This works well, especially if the visitor has abandoned a shopping cart for instance.

Then again there are also live proactive chat facilities where it is possible to engage the visitor when they arrive, but after a certain fixed delay period.

What you see is what you get

Visitors to websites want to be engaged, certainly more so than have a hard sell pushed in their faces. That is a big turn off. Engage visitors with interesting, relevant content. That content includes readable text, info graphics, images, navigation bars, videos and other elements of a website.

Don’t give too much away on the landing page; tease visitors and encourage them through subtle means to explore further. The more they are willing to explore the website, the more interest they are showing, therefore that means they are more likely to buy in to your products or services.

Of course there is no guarantee they will become a paying customer on their first visit. It may take several or many visits to achieve that goal. The thing is, if they return and see the same old thing they may well stay away; therefore, it is vitally important to keep content on pages alive, fresh and up to date.

The promised lesson (free)

The lesson I learned is that I had no idea of any of this and had been floundering away like a non-swimmer in shark infested waters. That lesson came from one of the web design and content marketing pros at

There are many other pro web design and marketing agencies that offer similar services. If you want to avoid my painful (and expensive) lesson, take a leaf out of my book and leave your website in the hands of the pros, while you get on with running your business.

You’ll learn very soon that is pays dividends.


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