How to Market Your Blog Using Social Marketing

Social marketing is a low cost or free approach to marketing online. It is the most popular method of creating hype for businesses across the web. If you are ready to begin a social marketing campaign there are some steps you must take in order to be successful. These steps include defining your audience, goals, method and implementing the methods of marketing.

Define the audience

The first step in social marketing campaign is to define the audience. It needs to be clear who you are targeting. Having a clear definition of your audience will help you better understand which methods of social marketing will work best. While younger crowds respond to these techniques through sites like Twitter and Facebook, older crowds may want it through email campaigns and newsletters. Understanding your audience will help you begin planning the social marketing campaign.

Set goals

The next step is setting goals for your campaign. Are you primarily concerned with driving traffic to your site or Do you want to create returning customers? Goals differ based on the type of site people own. For example, plenty of affiliate sites have one goal in mind and that is to drive as much traffic to their sites as possible, to get as many clicks from web surfers they can. They make money through clicks. Their goal will be to get people to go to the site. If you have a retail site you will want to market your products and create hype about the products offered on your online business. Write down a list of all of your goals. This will help you choose the best methods for your campaign.


Choosing the best methods for your endeavors is very important. An email campaign can be used to send out massive amounts of emails to visitors and leads to your site. Blogs can add inbound links and bring in relevant traffic to a site. Social networks are a great way to create hype and loyal customers also. Article writing and press releases get the word out about who you are. Determine the methods you would like to use for your social marketing campaign. Some people like to use a mix of all of each of these.


The final step is implementing the methods of marketing. Social marketing works by driving traffic to sites, improving site rank which improves credibility and it can also have the potential to increase sales. So this step is very important.

Social marketing is the most effective way to bring in more customers to an online business and improve online credibility. These methods are free but if you do not know how to do them yourself you can hire writers to accomplish the tasks for you.

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  1. Social marketing is a big help for me because it really help my blogs to be posted online. And with the tips that you have shared here in your article, I am sure a lot of people who are into social marketing will be aware of the million blogs that is posted everyday.

  2. What an amazing blog!The facts you have written on social marketing campaign are great. I learned lot of things from your blog. It’s very informative.I almost agree with you. Social marketing is the most effective way to bring in more customers to an online business.

  3. Social marketing is very helpful to increase readers. It also helps to share knowledge with others

  4. We all know that social marketing has a big role in every business online. It is also the reason why many business who have their own website are able to achieve their goals without spending a lot of time, effort and money at all. This is why we should not take for granted every social marketing because they create a big impact to us who are using the internet.

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  7. Defining your audience and setting your goals will help bloggers. Consider networking site in advertising your blog because it has lots of people surf different networking site for commenting on your blog. Thus, it can be a great idea to attract traffic.

  8. I’ve read a lot about marketing yourself on social network sites and it has helped my blog grow a lot. 20% increased traffic in 2 weeks is just amazing. Twitter & Facebook feed has helped more than I could ever have imagine. I didn’t do any campaigns or advertising methods, I just placed a like and a follow button on my page and miracles were made 🙂

  9. Email marketing is tricky – don’t buy lists! I get all sorts of spam emails that try to convince me to buy their lists with emails for such a campaign – I think it’s a major error and will get your website banned. Create your own newsletter box and wait for your visitors to subscribe, or find a way to convince them to do that, tell them the advantages.

  10. Social Marketing is really important. Having fresh and innovative ideas and them implementing them is also important in doing so.

  11. this was a really good post…helped me a lot


  12. These are good tips and very detailed information that will surely help even benefits a lot of readers when it comes to social media.

  13. Very good and informative article. I will definitely pass this around. With all of the different sites out there it is sometimes hard to pick which ones are the right ones.

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