6 Things that Will Prevent You from Writing Your Next Blog Post

As a blogger, you have to admit that you will not always come up easily with a new blog post every day. However, as a blogger, you understand that you have to produce regular content for your readers. So, how to fulfil this “obligation”? You have to know the things that prevent you from writing your blog post. Without knowing these things, you will always be manipulated by these things. As a result, you will have difficulty to produce regular content for your blog.

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Here are 6 things that will prevent you from writing your next blog post:

1. Unfamiliar topics

Writing about topics that you’re not familiar about will make it difficult for you to come up with a good content for your blog. You need to do the research from scratch, while you have deadlines to meet. Unfamiliar topics will only disrupt the flow of your content. You will write each paragraph of your blog post painfully. You will do the whole writing process as if you’re doing a hard labour. Why don’t you write in the topics that you’re familiar about? Why not use your expertise to write fresh content for your blog?

2. Pure laziness

Believe it or not, there are lazy bloggers out there. And I hope you are not one of them. Pure laziness can prevent you from writing your content. People call this procrastination, and they keep theorizing about different solutions to beat this one problem that is inherent in us. While pure laziness might not fully bad for you, it can prevent you from achieving success in your blogging business. The key to beat this problem is simple. “Just do it!” That’s the key. If you’re lazy to write your next blog post, just open a word processing program and start writing the first paragraph. The rest will come out naturally.

3. You are too serious

You think too much about your blog post. Remember that your blog post will not win any award. No one will criticize your blog post. No one will punch you on the face if you write something good for your readers. So, don’t make this matter too serious. Just write your blog post casually. If you indeed have a business blog, just write your blog post casually and professionally. Your focus is to give information that will help your readers. So, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts about something in your blog post.

4. You have lack of ideas

Lack of ideas is common for bloggers. You stare at the blank screen, not knowing about what to write next. The cure for this lack of ideas is more information. You have to obtain more information related to your blog. That’s because ideas only come from information. You need to give your brain a healthy dose of information every day in order to keep it flowing with ideas that you can manifest as a blog post later. You can obtain this information from any source. It can be from forums, blog posts, websites, magazines, newspaper, television, radio, and so on.

5. You are too stressful

You’ve been overwhelmed with information and now you’re too stressful to write. You don’t know what to do next because you feel that your brain is burning and you can’t think clearly. When you’re stressful, what you need to do is to take a bit of rest. Do not indulge yourself in front of your PC monitor all the time. You have to take a little rest. You need to break from your dull routines. Do some relaxation or get some sleep. It will help your mind to relax. After some time, you should be able to think clearly about the next blog post that you want to write.

6. You get your priority mixed up

As a blogger, what is your priority? Your priority should be to come up with a new blog post each day. When you have your priority mixed up, you cannot separate between important tasks and clutters. You cannot differentiate what’s important to do and what’s not important to do. That’s why you should start to set up your priorities. Of course, you should set up “writing your next blog post” as your highest priority task to be done every day. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to finish this task in the morning.

Those are 6 things that will prevent you from writing your next blog post. If you want to write your next blog post smoothly, you have to recognize them so that you can avoid them.

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