QR Code and the Future of Online Marketing

The strange looking, box like, black and white abstract designs, are seen by everyone online. They do not look familiar to most of the people as many do not know them, but yes, they are the next best thing in the world of online marketing. They are being widely used in the US and are a good online marketing strategy for most of the businesses. With just a swipe of a good Smartphone with a camera facility, the box can generate valuable information for users. The box-like shapes contain codes that can mean a lot for business who use them and portray them as a good feature for their businesses to users. That is why now, it is an emerging concept and the more you read about this little box, the more fruitful it will be for you.

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People in every part of the world do not know this marketing bullet, but they are getting to know about it. It is called the QR coding. The QR code is a 2-D bar code, but is more versatile than the bar codes. Bar codes can only store 20 numbers but QR can save strings of characters for unlimited amount of data (100 places). These codes are the bridge between print media, mobile communications, and the multimedia facilities for users. However, they are not becoming more available than the bar codes. Each of the QR codes is generated through a bunch of generators with complex coding and saving of information behind the code.

What is QR coding?

QR is the quick response algorithm for users for the kind of information they need online. The QR codes can save URLs to online pages, websites, email addresses and much more for users to be guided to right frames of businesses for product market and services sector facilities. The codes are able to implement complex yet quicker actions, like opening up pages, sending text and multimedia messages in bulk, downloading data like audio, video, contact data etc. Online sites like visualead.com etc. can help you out for getting the codes generated and scanned for you. They are turbo charged and can initiate instant actions.

What lies in Future

As many people do not know about the QR codes, it is difficult for the businesses to use them but because of the ease of generating and suing them, the businesses are becoming aware of the importance of the QR codes. The charm of using them is getting into the spot light. In last June, millions of users only in the US were seen to scan such codes, increasing the viability of usage of such codes. If you are not able to understand or grasp the concept of such codes, online help is available. You can get a code generator that will easily generate the codes with information that you want to use in tem for your consumers and target audience.

Most QR code scanners may fail as the information in the codes might not be good. So in future, if you are a potential user of QR codes, bear in mind that the codes should be relevant to the kind of users you target. The information should be simpler and yet not at all ambiguous. Use simpler addresses for business sites, online pages and make sure as mobile phones are the readers with reading apps, you direct users with mobile websites and not the desktop ones. Use the codes to generate potential online business and so you will never lose any of your consumers online. The websites of your businesses will have heavy traffic and ranking will always be up.

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  1. These things are everywhere now. At first I didn’t know what the hell were they but after buying myself a smartphone with android, I quickly start using it. Great way to share information and spread the word of your campaign.

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