Using the Internet and Beyond to Save on Event Tickets

The hot breeze, more free time and money makes summer the perfect season to plan outdoor activities. Plays, tech conventions, and concerts are usually the most popular summer events. They are also the most expensive ones.

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Here’s how to attend the hottest summer events without spending all of your budget.

Deal Sites

Check deal sites such as Goldstar, Seatgeek, and Stubhub for discounted tickets to concerts, conventions, and local plays. Goldstar keeps its email subscribers updated about local events and how to get discounted tickets for them. Buy the tickets directly from Goldstar to save anywhere from 10 to 100 percent off.

Secondhand discounted tickets are often offered on Stubhub by independent sellers. Seatgeek shows the prices for discounted tickets on multiple secondhand ticket seller sites. It is a price comparison site for event tickets.

Apply Coupons

Use Groupon to obtain discounts at ticket sites such as Stubhub. Stubhub offers you anywhere between a small percentage off your total purchase to discounts on specific concerts.

Buy at Venue

Avoid convenience fees by buying box office tickets at the event venue. Wait closer to the day of the event to increase your savings. Call the box office a few hours before the event, and then ask about rush tickets (unsold or returned tickets).

Note that generally bigger venues sell cheaper tickets as the event date nears. However, smaller venues sell tickets for a higher price as the event gets closer.

Choose the Right Date

Attend a weekday concert to save money. Work, family obligations, and school often prohibits people from attending weekday concerts, which means many empty seats. This often means that venues are willing to sell these tickets cheaper to fill seats.

Skip the first performance on a multi-date tour. The first day of a convention or concert usually costs more than attending it the next day, or the day after that. The first day of a concert is more likely to sell out, but the last date of the tour are more likely to offer discounted tickets to fill seats.

After Shows

Many artists who play at a music festival also host after show events. These events occur sometime before the last day of the festival. Usually, the after shows cost between $10 and $50. Compared to festival prices (usually between $200-$600 for the entire festival), this might be a cheaper alternative to see your favorite bands perform.

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