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Blogging has become increasing popular in recent years – whether it’s a celebrity talking about their work and personal life, a business promoting their products or even a fan discussing something they are passionate about, a blog is an ideal way to get their views out to the public at large. If you’ve decided to start your own blog for whatever reason, not only is it a lot easier and less daunting than you might think, but it doesn’t have to cost you anything either.
Regarded as being the best and widely used open source blogging software available, and it’s no wonder that more websites use WordPress than anything else. While WordPress can be used to create almost any type of site, blogging is what it does best and you don’t even need your own host… They offer their own free hosting service for blogs through which offers blog owners a range of additional features beyond the normal WordPress installation package making it a great starting point.
What makes their hosted version ideal is that it retains the full functionality and customization of WordPress, it’s completely free making it perfect for the beginner. The only drawback, as with all the other free blogs, is that you don’t have your own fully unique web address. It is also supported by the use of adverts so you need to understand that these will be present on your blog. WordPress comes with 3Gb of storage as standard.
Owned by Google, this integrates into your existing account and offers all the functions that you could want from a blog including a fully customizable look, statistics to see how well your blog is performing, add images or videos and keep track of comments made by others.
Tumblr takes a more visual approach to blogging with a very stylish front end. The home page for the site presents a selection of posts rather than featured blogs but each is highlighted not with a topic but a single featured image with key tags for the blog posts and this appears to be the driving force behind Tumblr. If you are looking at creating a visual blog, then this is probably the site for you.
Weebly offers a range of free online site development tools allowing you to create websites quickly and easily using a drag and drop interface so there’s no need for any programming skills making it simple to use for any beginner. While its main purpose is website hosting and design, it also has their own custom-written blog software that utilizes the same drag and drop design method.
Live Journal
This site takes a slightly different approach to blogging. While the individual blogs function in generally the same as all of the other blogging sites, customization doesn’t appear to be as great. In contrast, there is a large community side to the site allowing pages to be set up for users with common interests to meet, share posts and interact with each other. Currently plays host to over 50 million blogs.
Offering slightly less space per blog than WordPress but still making use of WordPress for its software and templates, it does feature adverts on your blog but these can be removed by opting for its paid service, which will also offer additional premium content and features including increased storage, dedicated domain names, a wider choice of templates and more.
Finally, Xanga. Again, with millions of users globally this is another popular service although it has seen a slight decline in recent years. The basic ad-supported free service only offers 1Gb of storage and has a monthly upload limit for images and data of 100Mb although this should be fine for most average bloggers. Premium paid packages offer anything up to 10Gb of storage, allow for no restrictions on image sizes and offer more bandwidth for blogs.
For personal users Xanga is still worth considering but possibly not for heavy duty professional or business use.

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  1. wow.. I never know there are lots of places for free blog hosting. I only know Blogger, WordPress & Tumblr. Thanks for sharing some other web hosting sites too


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