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A few years back, almost no one would not have thought that selling and buying and used products via online be this much easier! Now, after a lot of unsuccessful story of several platforms,, which is a great way to sell scooters in India along with other vehicles and products, has created a good impression among internet audience of India! It’s quite notable that, even though there are several platforms in the World Wide Web to buy and sell things online, we can observe a slight inclination towards among normal web users. Nevertheless, one of the strong reasons for the mentioned inclination lies within the successful advertisement campaigns of

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Apart from web-based ones, the company also managed to publicize the platform through TV campaigns, and those video ads had done their job very well in such a way that each audience would understand the effectiveness of as a method to sell and buy things online. To check out those advertisement videos and to know more about, you can check OLX YouTube channel, and you will understand the power of their advertisement campaigns. Along with the effective methods for advertisement campaigns, there are some awesome features in, which in turn forces the user to go for by avoiding rest of players in the industry! Some of notable features of are as follows.

One of such notable features is the widened audience of the platform. While most of companies provide the service in English, has managed to integrate local language support with the service. Simply saying, one need to know English to use the service. Of course, this extends the reach of your advertisement, as more local people will access the website. Thus, when compared to the expensive way of contacting a broker, telling your requirement, telling info about the product you want to sell, and then waiting for the broker to find the product/buyer for you. When we take the brokerage into account, the method of seems quite awesome and effective.

In addition to these, offers dedicated applications for different mobile platforms such as Apple iOS as well as Google Android. There are some extra features in those applications such as the ability to integrate the photograph, search through thousands of deals and the easy manner to contact the dealer in matter of seconds. Just like the case of web-based user interface, UI of these apps are equally awesome, indeed.

Do you use to sell and buy things online? Do let us know through your comments, and also tell us your opinion about the platform.

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