Why Vets Make Better Workers

Known for their unwavering dedication to their people and country, it is unlikely that one would assume that, once assimilated back into civilian life, a veteran would also be the perfect employee. The adversity service members face in in the field is dramatically different than the problems civilians must go out and face on their day to day, so much so that one could argue that these problems have no way of finding a common ground. I’m making the exact opposite claim. I believe that the problems service members have had to face give them the opportunity to learn and become exemplary employees once they have transitioned out of the military. Regardless of their education level, whether it be right out of service or after they have earned at least a bachelor’s degree or more, listed are some of the qualities you will see in almost all service members.


Loyalty to one country does not mean that a service member jumped around from country to country for the sake of themselves. Within any branch of the military, once you go through basic, you are committed to serving your country; a part just as valuable as any other. As our brave men and women transition back from military life to civilian life, don’t expect this quality to fade. Veteran’s do not just willfully jump from job opportunity to job opportunity. Instead, they first find a job that is right for them and commit.


Running in the same vein as both loyalty and teamwork comes honesty. In order to stay loyal to a workspace, one must not feel like they cannot voice their opinion honestly to their coworkers and superiors. Also, in order to get the most out of a team, they must communicate truthfully, not merely appeasing each other’s requests. In this regard, nothing beats working with a veteran. Due to their field experience, expect veterans to voice their opinion no matter how rash or extreme you think it is. This isn’t because they are looking to hurt anybody’s feelings telling them their idea is not ideal, it is because they are giving an honest to help drive the workplace to find a better alternative.


In the field, if a group does not work together it could possibly mean life or death. Comparatively, in the workplace, if a group does not work together well it will mean that a project will be poorly completed. Luckily for veterans, they have all aspects of teamwork down in order to ensure that the completion of a task is done efficiently. A veteran’s mindset is to do whatever it takes to produce the best result for their unit’s mission or for the most production out of their group.

Work Ethic

When comparing each group as a whole to one another, the majority of veteran’s work ethic is unparalleled compared to civilians. This may stem from the factor that if a veteran gives a lackluster performance in the field it could possibly mean their, or a member in their units, life. Being placed in these kinds of situations galvanizes veterans, even when the threat of death is long gone overseas. With a military mind, veterans keep their head down and make sure that they punch out each task as efficiently as possible.


Although not considered a quality of a veteran, it is important to recognize just how many veterans are out looking for a job in any field. The chance that you take on a veteran not only gives you the chance to reward someone who has given their all to you and your country but to also gain a valuable employee that doesn’t quit when faced with adversity.

If you’re a veteran reading this, make sure that if you don’t have an education be sure to enroll in college as soon as possible to show the world the amazing benefits of hiring a veteran

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