What Type of iPod is Right for me?

The iPod is arguably one of the best music and media players around. Yet the modern generation of Apple’s music player can do so much more. Essentially a smaller smart device in its own right, the iPod has all the advantages and unique features of any Apple product.

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Yet it also comes in a variety of forms, meaning that you have a difficult choice to make before you even buy one. It’s not always east knowing which iPod is the best for you. However, by thinking about certain areas individually, you can more easily come to this conclusion by determining what you actually want and need.


Before making any decision, it helps to know what your financial limits are. There’s no point looking at iPods you can’t afford, after all. That being said, there are always a few ways to generate some extra cash. When upgrading, it helps ask yourself “where can I sell my ipod”.

It might not be much, but it’s some extra money that will certainly prove useful. At the very least, it may let you push for a model you otherwise couldn’t afford, getting a little extra storage space on your new device perhaps.


When discussing the size of an iPod, you have two options to consider. Do you want large or small storage options and do you want a larger or smaller physically sized iPod?

When it comes to storage, most iPods give you the choice between 8GB and 16GB. Depending on your needs what you actually need will change greatly. If you only listen to music, which is quite light in terms of data size, then 16GB may be excessive. Yet videos and other data add up; if you use your iPod for other reasons, so the extra space could prove useful.

Physical size

As for the physical dimensions, the iPod comes in more than one size. Right now, the main choice is between the iPod touch and iPod nano. The iPod touch, as the name might suggest, has a larger touch-screen. This allows for greater controls and user interface; perfect if you want to utilise apps, games and other services besides media. Of course, it’s also easier to watch films and videos on a bigger screen.

On the other hand, the iPod nano has a smaller screen. This is just to access and play media; the nano’s small size makes other tasks more cumbersome but allows it to slot seamlessly into pockets of any size.

Additional costs and features

Finally, always consider any additional costs and features you may wish to incur. Are you going to want to invest in high-quality headphones or storage and protection options for your new device? These are all useful, but not always cheap and are something you certainly need to consider when it comes to picking your new device.

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  1. ipod is not best but….samsung note is best, i think

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