Why Apple Is Unfairly Viewed As A Monopoly?

It appears that many loyal Apple fans are holding onto the thought process that their favorite company is turning into just another monopolistic service. Is it true or is it just the misguided feeling that many people are harboring to during trialing times? We will be looking into this aspect in the rest of the sections. Most of us are already aware of the fact that Microsoft is one of the best examples of a monopolistic company. Throughout the years, Microsoft managed to secure the attention of many technology enthusiasts as well as those who are illiterate about the technology through the timely release of their flagship operating systems.

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Does Apple Follow The Footstep Of Their Competition

It is plainly disturbing to see Apple following some of the footsteps laid out by the competition. In fact, this is the sole premise for the misconception that someday or the other Apple too might turn out to be like Microsoft. You will have the take into account plenty of facts before making any such accusations against Apple. In order to hold on to a monopolistic position, it is natural for companies to engage in illegal activities. Such activities might appear to be very trivial from the perspective of a commoner. It is common knowledge that Microsoft engages in such kind of activities in order to maintain their edge over the competition.

A Practical Example To Understand The Situation

Quite often, the experts have argued that Microsoft frequently releases updates to their software line and these updates do not take any significant improvements in the quality of the lifestyle enjoyed by their consumers. Very rarely has Microsoft taken into account the feedback provided by a regular user of their products. One of the best examples that can be sited at this discussion is the release of the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 8. Various features have been edited from this operating system in the name of improving productivity. The removal of the start button has angered a lot of people in the PC industry.

Apple Takes Care Of The Consumer’s Demands

Yet it appears that Microsoft has decided to move on with the plans and to make the so-called improvements, which will only cause more inconvenience to the users. Now let us consider Apple and their products. Throughout the decade, this company has given undue importance to what their consumers required. Take any kind of a major product release from the company and you will find that the research and development team deployed by Apple spent copious amounts of time looking into fine-tuning the existing features that are being enjoyed by the majority. In other words, this company has always acted in the interests of their long-term consumers. No product release is perfect and the same plagues Apple too. At times, the company will have to omit certain suggestions because it may not be compatible with the existing design features incorporated into the product. That does not necessarily mean that Apple is on the path to set up a monopolistic empire.

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The Discussion

  1. Interesting view point. I respect Apple for what it is and for the idea of taking care of their customers and listening to their suggestions.
    But overall, Apple’s main goal, as any other similar company, is to sell, sell their products.

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